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Wrota Podkarpackie

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The Podkarpackie province encompasses 21 land districts (powiat ziemski) and 4 city districts (powiat grodzki). Altogether, there are 159 communes (gmina): 16 municipal communes, 29 – municipal–rural communes and 114 rural ones. 45 localities have city rights. Of all the others, 47 had city rights in the past, but lost them due to economical or historical problems. There are buildings and market squares preserved, serving as the central points of the cities.
The largest districts in the Podkarpackie are Rzeszów – land district (166 thousand), Mielec (136 thousand), Dębica (134 thousand), Jasielsk (125 thousand), Jarosław (124 thousand) and Stalowa Wola (116 thousand).
The most significant city in southeastern Poland is the Podkarpackie capital – Rzeszów – economical, scientific and cultural center of the province. Some other large cities in the Podkarpackie are: Przemyśl, Stalowa Wola, Mielec, Tarnobrzeg, Krosno, Dębica, Jarosław, Sanok and Jasło.

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