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Arboretum in Bolestraszyce

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     The Arboretum in Bolestraszyce was established on 1975, on the lands taken over from the Państwowy Fundusz Ziemi (the National Land Fund), and it was the first facility of its kind in the south of Poland. It was based on the XVIII–century landscape gardens, with the remains of a ground stronghold of a XVI–century castle. In the central, almost tree–less part of the garden, there are the remains of spruce collection from XX. The oldest geometrical garden plant from XVIII/XIX is the rows of lime–trees and hazels. All the magnificent yew–trees and natural elms on the embankment were destroyed. Those were once the main elements of the local flora.
     On the arboretum grounds there is an XVIII century castle, reconstructed and enlarged in mid XX century. The remains of the castle are especially valuable – the XVI/XVII century chapel and the three level underground.
Currently, the arboretum is located on a 751.45–acre piece of land. There are around 3.8 thousand species, varieties and forms of plants. The most valuable are the ones from the Polish Red List, which includes the rare, endangered and almost extinct species. Almost equally important is the historic collection of many different species, varieties and forms of fruit trees.
     It is worth mentioning that in the years 1600–1639, Samuel Bolestraszycki was the owner of half of the Bolestraszyce estate. He was known as the translator and the editor of the antipapal and antireligious book entitled „Héraclite ou de la vanité; et la misere de la vie humaine” by a Calvinist, Pierre du Moulin. In 1846, the famous European battle scene painter Piotr Michałowski moved in here. He later became a great manager in the metal production industry. He worked in the Income and Treasury Comittee of the Congress Poland. Juliusz Kossak, the senior of the Kossak family, visited Piotr Michałowski in Bolestraszyce.

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